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Nothing is more frustrating on a hot, Summer day than finding out your air conditioner has failed.  At Dino's Contracting Service we work with homeowners and businesses in Richmond, VA and the surrounding counties to provide comprehensive HVAC services which include complete installation and duct work, replacement of units, repair maintenance and maintenance agreements.  Whether you're in need of quality maintenance or a reliable repair, we've got you covered. 

Common signs you're in need of HVAC Service:

 1. Unit is blowing warm air when AC is on and cold air when heating.
 2. Not cooling or heating as well as it has been
 3. Burning smell when heating 
 4. Water in the pan under the unit

When we come out we first do a thorough assessment of the problem - when did it happen, what caused it, how's your filter and much more.  At that point we'll diagnose the problem and give you a quote with several possible fixes. 

Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance agreements are a great way to keep your AC unit functioning properly with limited down time.  With our agreements we'll come out every 3 months and perform the following services:

 • Check and replace filters
 • Check all pressure
 • Check float switches (should be checked and replaced once a year)
 • Clean all coils (indoor and outdoor)
 • Make sure condensation lines are cleaned

New installations carry a one year warranty on labor.  We're Master HVAC certified and can beat any of the larger HVAC companies prices.  Call us today if you're having a problem.

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