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Summer's in Richmond and Central VA are no joke.  The heat and humidity can be unbearable.  And if your air conditioner stops functioning, it can make for an extremely uncomfortable household.  Don't worry though.  At Dino's Contracting Services we're here to help and get your home cool and comfortable again.  Our experts are available day and night to spring into action should this unfortunate situation arise.  There's no problem we haven't seen and no unit we can't fix. 

What We Offer:

 1. Emergency Service
 2. Timely Repair
 3. Experienced and Trained Technicians
 4. Highest Quality

If you're seeing any signs your air conditioner is failing or it fails at in inopportune time, let us spring into action for you.  We'll have your home brisk and cool the way you want it in no time.  

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