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Heat Pump Replacement

Installing a new heat pump in your home or business is one of the best ways to increase your comfort and energy efficiency.  And finding the right one that's best for your home is very important as well.  Selecting the wrong type of heat pump can be a costly and long term mistake.  The professionals at Dino's Contracting Service can analyze your home and recommend the best heat pump solution for you.  After the right pump is selected you can trust us to get it installed right the first time. 

Signs you need a new heat pump:

 1. Heat pump is constantly running
 2. Your home never feels comfortable
 3. Old pump is in need of frequent repair
 4. Higher than usual utility bills

Don't let discomfort settle in at your home due to a bad heat pump.  Call the pros at Dino's Contracting Service today and let us help you relax again in your home. 

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